Our temperature-controlled warehouses are designed to meet the needs of our clients to protect their valuable and perishable goods from extreme temperatures. Multi Depot Storage offers a broad spectrum of temperature-sensitive storage areas ensuring product freshness at the exact temperature you might require. Our cold store warehouses are the most sophisticated cold stores offering storage from -18 Deg C to 0 Deg C.

They are fully compliant with international standards of food safety, storing cold, chilled, and frozen products, frozen meats, fruits, vegetables, and other temperature-controlled products. We take utmost care to maintain the health of our customers, by installing special features to our cold rooms. The best cold storage company may be hard to find, but we are here in Dubai with the best storage house of your preferences.

Here is why you should choose our cold storage units

  • Low cost cold units – Is cheaper than conventional cold rooms and  consumes less energy than normal cold rooms. It is easily usable for any applications which require a temperature above 0°C.
  • Save your bills – These cold units use very low electric power when compared to conventional units..Traditional cooling units, on the other hand, need a significant amount of frequent maintenance and cost a significant amount of money.The maintenance-free normal home AC units we use are small single-phase AC units which don’t need an industrial power connection and can even run on generators.
  • Internationally accepted safety standards – From temperature sensitive medicines to food products, we provide high enough safety standards that are essential for the storage of all products. As a leading cold storage service company, we transport vaccines and medicines properly to ensure the optimum temperature range.
  • Modular Cold Rooms – Another feature of our modular cold rooms, made of individual panels, offers an energy-efficient cold room that maintains a suitable temperature. These are easy to install and affordable, specially designed to keep the panel configuration to a minimum. This temperature controlled food storage facility meets the stringent food and beverages rules strictly to avoid any problems.

Multi Depot Storage guarantees

  • State of Art chiller systems
  • Uniquely Engineered Air-locked dock and shelter system
  • Integrated Management System covering Quality, HSE with Food Safety
  • Flexible and efficient storage-retrieval systems
  • Strict hygiene standards complaint with food safety management requirements
  • Highly trained manpower


We are available to answer all your queries to make it a hassle- free experience. Here you will find answers for some of your queries related to our cold storage service. If you have anything else to ask, you can always call us or mail us.


Can I use the storage units for seasonal needs?That is what we are for! Yes, there are certain times of the year when we will have to store particular products in cold stores. During those times, we are here, one call away.

What types of products can be stored in a cold-storage container?Everything from cold, chilled, and frozen products, frozen meats, fruits, vegetables, and other temperature-controlled products to medicines and vaccines. We have separate storage units with different temperature ranges for these.

How sure can I be about the safety standards?

We comply with internationally accepted strict hygiene standards which keeps your products in a highly safe atmosphere. For this, we have integrated the management system which covers Quality, HSE with food safety. So, you can totally trust us.

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