Vehicles moving from different corners of the world need to be safely shifted and stored at appropriate locations. The most reliable vehicle storage in Dubai is right here! Multi Depot Storage offers storing of all kinds of vehicles efficiently, we ensure that your automobile is stored in a highly secured environment with 24/7 access. Those people looking for a cost-effective vehicle storage system need not wander anymore – Multi Depot Storage is here for them.

Among all the leading storage companies in Dubai, we protect your car with rigorous safety measures. You can peacefully sleep believing that it’s safe in the hands of the best storage companies in Dubai – we work for it too. Our car storage options can be effortlessly reserved and availed online using our easy-to-use booking system. Ideal for both commercials and commuters, we have single and full-fleet storage options.

Here are the reasons why you will choose a vehicle storage


  • You are moving out. Well, you might be moving out to a new place and you cannot be taking your vehicle along. Don’t worry! Automobile storage services work as a knight in shining Armour for you in such cases.
  • Refurbishing your house. So, you plan to renovate your place entirely. You can’t leave your vehicle on the road! Consider a storage facility instead. Multi-Depot Storage is here for you to come too. Keep it here however days you want.
  • You have a motorboat or a jet ski! Well, it is more practical to keep such automobiles in a storage facility than at home. You can maintain them in a better fashion with the help of these services.And our well-trained and highly motivated team will give extra-care too.
  • Your vehicle needs a climate-controlled space. Well, nasty weather conditions can mess up your vehicle’s functioning. You can’t risk your vehicles by giving it up for ruining.. Storage spaces are the ideal solution. Run to us!
  • The obvious reason- there’s simply no space! Well, even though it is the obvious reason, it is typically the most common reason why people require vehicle storage in Dubai. Here we have a hell ton of space for whatever vehicle you have.


Types of Multi Depot Vehicle Storage:

  1. Car Storage
  2. Boat/Jet Ski Storage
  3. Truck Storage
  4. ATV or Motorcycle Storage
  5. Trailer or RV storage

We are available to answer all your queries to make it a hassle- free experience. Here you will find answers for some of your queries related to our vehicle storage service. If you have anything else to ask, you can always call us or mail us.




Can I be assured that my properties will be safe?

Yes – we completely guarantee you this. Adapting proper measures to ensure the best security for your properties, makes us say this without any doubt.

What payment options do I have?

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, cash, check, e-transfers, PayPal, and wire transfers are all accepted

During which all hours, can I access my stored vehicle?

You can access it on our service days, which is from Saturday-Thursday from 9am-6pm. On non working days, you can contact us in any urgent cases. Just give us a ring or drop by whenever you need it.

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